Sultry Monochrome Glamour Series

“Mirror Mirror” with Glamour Model Fawn Marie by Dirk Hooper

This set of photos was taken in Fawn Marie’s pole dance studio. As soon as I saw the wall of mirrors I knew I had to shoot over there.

Since the background was so busy and I wanted to focus on Fawn Marie and her reflection, I lit the scene with one strobe and a grid spot.

I shot the set to be worked in black and white. I’m happy with the mood we achieved in this set.

Fawn Marie is awesome as always. You can check out her website here:

Tell me what you think in the comments below. Please be respectful to the model.

Click on the thumbnails to open the full-size photo.

Dirk Hooper is an award-winning international fetish photographer, award-winning professional writer, journalist for the fetish community and expert on personal branding. Email Dirk Hooper Dirk Hooper on Twitter


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