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Gothic - Goth Model Photography

I've had the opportunity to work with a good number of excellent models over the years, and of course, I'm always looking for new models to work with. Some of the models in this section are former Toxic Goddesses and others I was just fortunate to get in front of my camera.


Dark Mistress

One of the first two original Toxic Goddesses. Dark Mistress is also a former Professional Dominatrix. She's largely responsible for helping me find my vision in erotic photography.


Ambrosia was a Toxic Goddess for a brief period of time. She's got a very cool look that's a cross between punk and goth.


Haze was also one of the first Toxic Goddesses. One of the few pure gothic models I've had the privalege to work with.


A model with a cool alternative style, and lots of attitude in front of the camera. Nothing beats attitude, as far as I'm concerned!


One of the first Toxic Goddesses. Cameron has an ability to make modeling look effortless. She got better each time I shot with her.


Sight Key Studios

You don't have to be a Toxic Goddess or an alternative model to have Dirk Hooper take photos of you! My style and creativity are available for your personal photos daily at Sight Key Studios..


If you want to see the full set of photos, please visit the Toxic Goddess alternative modeling website.



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Dirk Hooper is a photographer and artist who specializes in fetish, fantasy and goth model photography and fine art endeavors. He has worked with multiple Mistress, Dominatrix and fetish models, as well as other adult entertainers while expanding his portfolio and his presence in the underground art community. In addition to photography he works in printmaking, specifically monotypes, multimedia artwork and pen & ink illustration. His artwork is a fusion of fantasy, science, metaphysics, fashion, fetish and gothic influences, in addition to his own dark imagination. Dirk Hooper is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and always looking for new models.