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Toxic Goddess and Sight Key Studios Online Model Application Form

Please fill out the form below to initiate contact with photographers Dirk Hooper and Robert Henry and the staff of Sight Key Studios. Dirk, Robert Henry or Jennifer Marks may contact you from this application.

Please do your best to impress us, this is your chance to make a statement. We get nearly a model a day who fills out an application... that's well over 300 a year! Rise above the rest and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

Answer the questions to the best of your ability. Thank you for your interest!




What city/state do you live in?

We live in Oklahoma, USA, but get contacted from all over the world. If you don't live in Oklahoma, are you willing and able to travel here on your own expense? (If not, I may be traveling to your area at some point in the future, so I could still be interested in talking with you.)

What is your age? (I do not work with models under the age of 18. No exceptions.)

What is your weight?

What is your height?

What are your measurements? (Bust, Waist and Hips)

Please indicate below what kind of shoots you are comfortable doing. There are no wrong answers here, but Toxic Goddess usually requires at least full nudity. There may be exceptions, but that is extremely rare.

Glamour Lingerie Fetish
Implied Nudity Topless Full Nudity
Bondage Pretend Domination Pretend Submission
Actual Domination Actual Submission Anything Goes!


Generally, when are you available to shoot?

We shoot "on location" as often as possible. If you have access to locations within Oklahoma it could make the difference between getting to shoot with you quickly, or having to wait until we can find a new location. If you have access to an apartment, house, warehouse, industrial or commercial location or something else unique, please describe the location(s) below.

We usually utilize the wardrobe of the model for shoots. Please give us an idea of your style and examples of any unusual clothing or accessories that you have.

Please give us any addresses where we can see your online portfolio, or places where you have some pictures of yourself. We would prefer to see a face picture and a few full figure shots. (If you don't have pictures online, we will give you an email address where you can send pictures after you finish the form.)

How did you hear about us?

Is there anything you'd like to add?

When you have filled out the entire form, please hit the submit button below.



Contact me: dirk@dirkhooper.com or P.O.Box 6027, Moore OK, 73153

Dirk Hooper is a photographer and artist who specializes in fetish, fantasy and goth model photography and fine art endeavors. He has worked with multiple Mistress, Dominatrix and fetish models, as well as other adult entertainers while expanding his portfolio and his presence in the underground art community. In addition to photography he works in printmaking, specifically monotypes, multimedia artwork and pen & ink illustration. His artwork is a fusion of fantasy, science, metaphysics, fashion, fetish and gothic influences, in addition to his own dark imagination. Dirk Hooper is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and always looking for new models.