Commission Original Artwork by Dirk Hooper

“Mistress Lauren” Commissioned 2-Color Artwork by Dirk Hooper

Have you ever wanted an original piece of artwork of you, a friend, or a loved one? This is your chance to get something that will absolutely be the most unique gift possible for someone special (or yourself).

I’ve been an artist since I was five years old, and a professional artist since the age of 14. But this is the first time I’ve offered commissioned artwork.

I’m offering commissioned pieces in several sizes, and increasing complexity. What you’ll get is a digital file that you can actually use to make your own prints, you can use for advertising or anything else you want. That’s highly unusual, and a great deal to you, but something I’m offering at this time. However, I retain all rights to use and display the work as well.

One other bonus is unless you just want the piece for your own private use, I’ll do my best to promote you and my artwork across all my social media accounts and here on my website.

Size, Format, and Prices

Below are the formats that I’m am offering and the prices, at this time. Prices may (and will) go up at any time.

12″x 15″ Two Color Portrait Artwork – $99

This is a standard torso or portrait image of your subject. It is presented in black and white, or simple two-color composition and in high definition.

12″ x 15″ – $200

This is a full-body, or fantasy piece, in color and high definition.

16″ x 20″ – $400

This is a fantasy piece that will be increasingly complex and include two or more figures, and additional props, in color, and high definition.

16″ x 20″ Painting – $500

This is a full digital custom painting, in color and high definition.

Editorial Illustrations

I have done editorial style illustrations for magazines, newpapers, albums and comics for over 25 years. Here is a sample of my recent work and style.

Please contact me for a quote on your project.


You can contact me directly at to request a piece.

I work on a first-come-first-serve basis, so if you need the work for a birthday or a holiday, then please contact me early.

I require payment up front.

We will discuss your ideas and the possibilities. I will do my best to bring your vision to life.

Additional Information

If you would like a print of your work, I have a service that will make a beautiful art print that’s suitable for display. There are other formats available as well, including metal and canvas prints.