I do what I do because I enjoy this, and because I feel like it’s important.

Most of my artistic photography was created and placed on this site for free. The only time I get paid for photography, at this time, is if a client pays for a shoot.

Unless it’s a commissioned piece, the artwork I create is almost always created and shared with you for free.

Projects like FETISHWEEK, curation and shares of news through social media, interviews, and most of my articles and reports, here and elsewhere, are done with no compensation.

Again, I do these things because they are important to me, and because I want to share and contribute to the BDSM community, art world, and the general public.

I probably don’t have to tell you that media equipment, hardware, software, hosting, services, travel, and much more costs a lot of money.

If you like what I’m doing, you want to support an independent creator, you want to help me build my network, get better equipment, help get me to some of these conventions or events so I can cover them for you, or you just like what I’m doing and want to help out, I’m taking anonymous donations of several cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) below.

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And no amount is too small or unappreciated. Anything you send is deeply appreciated and will help bring more photography, art, writing, journalism, and coverage of the BDSM community to you.

Anything you donate will go directly to buying new equipment, expanding what I’m doing, or helping with travel.

Why take cryptocurrencies? Simply because a lot of the stuff I do is adult in nature and standard payment processors are known to hassle those of us who do work of that kind. I’d put other processors up here if I trusted them, but I don’t.

Finally, I don’t ask for your name, because I know some people like to give anonymously. If you do donate something and want me to know who sent it, or why you sent it, please contact me at dirk@dirkhooper.com. I’d love to thank you personally.

Send Me Something

If you want to send me something you want me to review on this site or elsewhere, or you just have something you want me to see or have, then you can send it to me at the address below.

I can’t make any promises until this happens, but if I start getting stuff regularly then I’ll definitely do videos on them and share them with the world.

Dirk Hooper
133 24th Ave NW  Suite 345
Norman, OK 73069-6320