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February 19-25, 2012

The lead story this week is totally self-serving… but it’s for a good cause!  We have recently upgraded the sound quality of our broadcasts and added a bunch of new bumpers on The Fetish Show.  If you’ve been curious about the show, now is a good time to check out what we do.

However, the big news on episode 27 is an interview with a fetish hero of mine named Tim Woodward, who founded Skin Two Magazine back in 1983.  If you’re not familiar with Skin Two Magazine (or the number of other projects under the Skin Two banner), do yourself a favor and drop by their site at http://www.skintwo.com.

Besides just being a cool man and a fascinating interview, Tim Woodward laid the foundation for a lot of the interest and fascination with the world of fetish, BDSM, leather, latex, dominatrix and all the wonderful stuff I cover here and on The Fetish Show.

Check out the link to the show on the Feature Story below and tell me what you think.

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[highlight]Feature Story[/highlight]

The Fetish Show 27 – Skin Two Founder Tim Woodward http://bit.ly/yv8Nfp



Cops Bust Cop in Nude BDSM Club Raid http://bit.ly/xr9tIk

Taryn Thomas: Arizona Could Be Next Stop for Porn Shoots – XBIZ Newswire http://bit.ly/zaFhlB

FriendFinder Says It’s at Forefront of Growing Dating Biz http://bit.ly/yfgU6D

The Year of Rope Bondage http://bit.ly/wVwM12

Daughter spots swinging parents on TV http://bit.ly/AgA4eZ

AVN – MOMENTUM Conference in DC will Make Waves in Sexuality http://bit.ly/yfyYpP

Nice Girl Works Her Way Through High Priced College Doing Fetish Porn http://bit.ly/zCMesU

Model Natalia Paris begs like a dog for animal rights (video) Reports http://bit.ly/yRTuPz

MetArt Taps Model Kayla Jane to Head Talent, Casting Operations – XBIZ Newswire http://bit.ly/xQ9CxP

Whipping Up A Frenzy http://bit.ly/whHT96

The Baseball Scout And His Sex Slave: A Baseball Love Story http://bit.ly/xfJYvL

Brits import most bondage gear | The Sun |News http://bit.ly/x2jFQm

Arizona Bill Would Expose Airbrushed Ads http://t.co/wtiHqvzw



Expectations in BDSM http://bit.ly/zbEHYu

Old Is the New Black; BDSM, the New Gay – The Huffington Post http://ow.ly/9ht1Z

NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Wants You to Read a F*cking Book about BDSM: The Ultimate Guide http://bit.ly/zGLYdL

A Frank Discussion of Power Exchange – Black star.http://bit.ly/Atyj9M

defective ginger http://bit.ly/xXgRn5

WWE’s Phoenix rises as role model for women with Pin-Up Strong – Wrestling – http://MiamiHerald.com http://bit.ly/xbf0bu

The Gorean Choice by Arien Adora | The Fetish Show http://bit.ly/AxC6Ql

10 weirdest celebrity health fetishes – Yahoo! Lifestyle http://yhoo.it/wEIi46 Clear misuse of the word “fetish”, but interesting.

On Punishments http://bit.ly/xz9bgf

Sex & Pancakes – Mild Kink http://bit.ly/yX9tlU #sex Alas… not about sex With pancakes!



The Fetish Show 26 – Brand Spanking New! http://bit.ly/ynneFY

ARTS GALLERY: LUCHA VAVOOM – VALENTINE’S 2012 |http://buzzinearts.com http://bit.ly/ApDxj0

Angie Pontani, Jo Weldon and Jonny Porkpie to Launch THE NAKED TRUTH Burlesque Game Show, 3/17 http://bit.ly/xJiKPT

AVN – CineKink Announces Winners of 9th Annual Kinky Film Fest http://bit.ly/xKPjQC

London Cabaret Awards 2012 Winners Announced on Spoonfed http://bit.ly/zMLWzU

Heavy Rubber No. 30 http://bit.ly/z4c9jG

The erotic comic art of Milo Manara from the Comics Alliance story.

[highlight]Art and Fashion[/highlight]

A Collaboration Between Spanish Painter Alberto Mielgo and Belladonna (*NSFW) http://bit.ly/zwjFEj

The Honesty of Exploitation: Sex in the Art of Milo Manara [Sex] – ComicsAlliance http://aol.it/wjWnmz

The Amazing Steampunk Art of Almacan | NewEvolutionhttp://bit.ly/xdogwc

Amandalynn’s Vixens http://bit.ly/xACP2b


Steampunk Iron Man | Walyou http://bit.ly/x5ybxS

Steampunk and bondage and old Hollywood, oh my! http://bit.ly/zycBgU

Kate Middleton Commissions Lady Gaga Milliner For Jubilee Hat – ArtLyst http://bit.ly/w53HSr

SEEING RED http://bit.ly/x7AWey

Sexy Shapewear http://bit.ly/yTZ8Ck

Fetish Art: Viva Van Story, Photographer | The Fetish Show http://bit.ly/zrop3Z



Explore your wild side at KinkForAllDenver today at Auraria Campus – Denver Arts http://bit.ly/wAzan3 

London Fetish Fair http://bit.ly/vZXNlv A monthly kink event. 

Club Breath – Los Angeles Dominatrix | Ms. Justine Cross http://bit.ly/z5lQbu 

The Pink Room Presents LOST HIGHWAY BURLESQUE, 2/21 http://bit.ly/z3hDMg 

Ireland’s first sex festival promises ‘Sex Playshops’ http://bit.ly/zHIqIQ

World Burlesque Games 2012 – Visit London http://bit.ly/x2bMl6


[highlight]Photos and Videos of the Week[/highlight]

Video: Gote Shibari Instruction | The Fetish Show http://bit.ly/yjYzMH

Katie O. by Dynamite Dames with MUA by Vintage Flair http://bit.ly/xzEKAm

Faceless Objectification http://bit.ly/yMWjCs

Susan Wayland – BIZARRE-BUZZ : KINKY – FETISH & BDSM http://bit.ly/At75nb

Bizarre Violet – BIZARRE-BUZZ : KINKY – FETISH & BDSM http://bit.ly/zZsIkZ

Kelly Brook in Leather Catsuit for Heavy Metal — LatexGirlsHD http://bit.ly/wlvpPb

So Good for Bunnies: Katy Perry Latex Costume for Grammy 2012 Performance! http://bit.ly/yJJIlx

Kate Moss as Latex Rubber Nun — LatexGirlsHD http://bit.ly/xT6r2Y

Strawberry Venom – Hot New Fetish Model http://bit.ly/x7HmlE

Christina Hendricks in Leather & Heels http://bit.ly/xcawo6

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