The title of this set comes from the lizard in the photos. As it turns out, Foosh was a bit of a ham. I’d swear that lizard was posing for me. He often turned toward me and then stood still until I snapped the shot. That lizard is a star!

If you’re wondering why Foosh looks so familiar with model Fawn Marie, it’s because Foosh is her pet. Feature Entertainer Fawn Marie is a perennial favorite with both me, as a photographer, and fans who can’t seem to get enough photos of her. She always turns in a great performance. You can check out her site for more information about her.

We had a lot of fun on this shoot and I think you can see that in the photos.

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Dirk Hooper

Dirk Hooper is an award-winning fetish photographer, award-winning professional writer, fine artist, journalist for the kink community and expert on personal branding.

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