Here is a short recent interview with Toxic Goddess Dame Lebeau. The interview will be used in an upcoming press release for her modeling work for “Inked,” a piece that will be in Detroit’s fall Dirty Show.

1. Please tell us about your tattoos in the photo.

My John Lennon portrait was done by Kat von D in Dallas and my backpiece that is in progress is of Krishna and Radha and is the genius of Eric Poland at Electric Eye Tattoo in Tulsa.

2. Does having tattoos make you different from other models or even other women?

There are a grouping of tattooed models currently. There are even less of them who I would consider heavily tattooed. I am well on my way to being heavily tattooed. I think this is a concept that most women who have no tattoos or maybe one tattoo may not understand. I am different from other women/models of course. I just happen to have artwork permanently on my body that takes up a good portion of visible skin.

3. What thoughts go into the process of selecting a tattoo artist and what image they will create for you?

I first “realize” an image that I simply can’t get out of my head and take it to one of my artists to plan out placement and style. At this point, I leave alot of the creative decision making in their capable hands. Trust is a big part of it. I waited 4 years to have my back started. I wanted the timing to be right with where I was at in my life.

4. What is it like to work with Dirk Hooper?

There is an ease when it comes to working with Dirk Hooper. He makes me feel comfortable and is always open to any ideas or lack of ideas I have about a shoot. The “Inked” shoot came to be when I saw the posture collar among Dirk’s things. I wanted to work a shoot around simplicity, the nude form, and a sense of empowerment with the collar on. He took my ideas and just kept shooting. We gained many great images from our projects together and I am hoping for many more to come.

You can see more of Toxic Goddess Dame Lebeau on the alternative modelling site Toxic Goddess and you can follow her tweets on Twitter @sugarhipslebeau.

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