Adult Industry Under Attack from Age Verification Laws

Today I’m going to be talking about Age Verification Laws that are currently either already passed or are being tracked by the Free Speech Coalition in 30 states, and why it’s an attack on the adult industry.

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  • I think age verification laws are the latest attack on the adult industry in what’s going to be a tough 2024
  • These attacks are not actually meant to protect children – everything that attacks the adult industry will be couched in that veneer
  • You’re not going to be able to lobby the federal government to overturn these laws, they are being enacted by individual states and we need a better strategy
  • It’s going to be easier to stop these laws than to get them overturned
  • The free speech coalition is mentioned several times in this article, I would suggest if you want to know more or want to be involved, go coordinate with them, they probably need money more than anything to hire lawyers –
  • Thanks to Emily Pennington and SpankChain for this article –

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