Blood Bowl inspired fantasy gaming artwork of a hot jacked vampire girl for gaming company Ye Olde Lasersmith by fantasy illustrator Dirk Hooper.
  • February 20, 2022
  • Dirk Hooper
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Late last year I did a series of fantasy gaming artwork in black and white illustrations for Ye Olde LaserSmith. These illustrations were for laser-etched gaming boxes to be used for the Blood Bowl game to hold figures and dice.

The series started with the Orc illustration, which hit me at the perfect time. I was looking for an opportunity to implement my new inking and rendering style and this gave me a great way to explore that.

A Blood Bowl orc in a football game is created and illustrated by fantasy gaming artist Dirk Hooper.

I loved the opportunity to really push things and make a dynamic piece. It’s so different from the portrait work I do often.

The next piece I did was the “Pitch Vampire” piece above.

I was inspired to do the vampire/woman/fantasy/football mashup. This piece is much closer to the work I usually do, but then again, very different too. This turned out as one of my all-time favorite pieces of artwork, but it was a little too suggestive for the company, so I offered to just do another piece instead.

My idea of the next piece was a collaborative idea between the owner of the company and me. He really wanted to flip the Evil Dead poster on it’s head, by having an undead skeleton with a flaming head in that pose. I fell in love with the idea of putting a skeleton warrior in a full suit of armor and you can see the results here.

Flaming head skeleton fantasy gaming artwork in a full suit of armor by fantasy artist Dirk Hooper.

Finally, I did several small icon-style illustrations for functions on the boxes. This process was a blast too. They are not big illustrations but I like the energy with them.

If you’d like to see how this all turned out, here are some photos of the box and how the final illustrations look when they are fully rendered.

I had so much fun with this project because it allowed me to show what I’m capable of doing in a whole other arena, and it fulfilled some of my aspirations as a gaming illustrator that dates back to when I was a teenager and was playing Dungeons and Dragons.

If you have a fantasy art or gaming project like this you can commission artwork from me by visiting this page.

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