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It was such a pleasure and an honor to speak to Poly Annie about her art and about adult NFTs! This is an important time for adult content creators and Poly Annie is at the tip of the spear when it comes to creating this new space!

Whether you are an adult content creator, artist, or fan, do not miss this interview! It’s so important to learn from Poly Annie and be inspired by her work and her mission.

My guest today is an NFT artist and adult content creator. She says that she’s using her art to find solutions to censorship, data exploitation and income inequality. She’s been creating NFTs since August of 2020 and since then has sold well over 300 NFTS… and counting!

In this FETISHWEEK interview you will learn:

– How “Poly Annie” was born

– How her art follows her life

– How sexuality is a part of her art

– How she first got into NFTs

– What was the biggest factor in her NFT sales success

– How selling NFTs relates to income inequality

– How NFTs fight censorship for adult content creators

– How to get started selling NFTs

– What resources are available for new NFT artists

– About the NFT NYC show

– What’s next for this prolific and successful artist!

Poly Annie on xxxNifty

Poly Annie on Instagram

Poly Annie on Twitter

Poly Annie on Medium

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