• February 24, 2022
  • Dirk Hooper
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Here is my commissioned KinkInk fetish portrait of dominatrix Enchantress!

Enchantress was involved in this project from the beginning and did a great job of giving me some info about her favorite colors and things she liked. The green and blue colors came directly from her. She also gave me plenty of latitude to create a look for this piece.

It helps so much to have the subject participate in this process. It’s always resulted in a better final product. Just having the subject talk about what they are into and what things they like stylistically can elevate a piece of artwork.

I leaned heavily into her hypnotic seduction and her name. I created my version of an enchantress in this artwork.

Please tell me what you think about this piece below.

If you’re interested in commissioning artwork from me please visit my Commissioned Art page.

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