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While I may never drive a BMW, I just experienced one piece of German engineering that was equally amazing. The Slubb is simply a rubber belt attached to a quality sanding device that is designed primarily for stimulation to your penis.

If that sounds a lot like using a nuclear weapon to kill a fly… that’s exactly what I thought-until I tried it.

The Slubb

The Slubb is the creation of Michael Strobel and his brother Sandro. While playing around on a construction site they discovered that the oscillating-vibrating saw had some incredible vibrations. They created a prototype using a wide rubber grommet attached to a hacksaw blade!

After several years of prototypes and what must have been an awkward trip to the bank for a loan, The Slubb (Sling-Rub) was born!

The Slubb comes with a repurposed sander, the rubber loop, a rechargeable battery, the battery charger, an adapter for the charger (it’s made for a European outlet), instructions, and a hex key to attach the rubber loop. I’m told they now include a silicone lube too!

Attaching the rubber loop was quick and easy. The first thing I noticed was the weight of the whole unit. It’s not heavy, but it’s not a demure piece of equipment either. When I turned it on it makes some noise too. It’s not really loud, but it’s loud enough that someone in the next room would know you were using it.

The Test Drive

What I pictured when someone described it to me was totally different than the reality of The Slubb. It does not work back and forth. It just vibrates a lot.

There are several levels of vibration you’ll get out of this unit, but I never made it past 1. Please read the instructions and follow them completely. However, I didn’t use the silicone-based lube on the rubber like they suggested. I just kind of raw-dogged it and adjusted it up and down my shaft. Yes, you could lube it up a lot and use it to stroke your cock, but that wasn’t necessary for me to enjoy it.

They suggest that you don’t put the loop tightly around your penis and I didn’t. In fact it was pretty loose on there, which allowed me to maneuver it better. Besides, you don’t want to do anything extreme with your dick, okay? Take it easy down there! This thing worked great for me without it either being tight or using higher settings. Your response may vary, but I’d always err on the side of caution.

Here are a few things that I discovered while using it. First off, it made me insanely hard and quickly. Something about that vibrating action really gets your soldier to salute!

Secondly, the sensation is highly unusual. It’s not like the direct contact that you’d get from sex, or your own hand. It’s something different… something deeper.

I’ve read that some people blow their load quickly on this thing, and I can imagine that’s the case with many. But for me it took me a while to get into the right headspace and cum (that’s not unusual for me). I’ve never been a Minuteman.

I noticed that further down the shaft was a nice sensation, as was near the head. I’ve cum from both locations and each was a little different.

I’ve assisted with a Magic Wand for women on many occasions, and if I had to guess, my response to this was similar to what I’ve seen with them. Before I had my orgasm I was shaking all over. I felt it much broader than I would have from almost anything else besides a blow job… I feel those intensely too. It was wonderful and unexpected!

And let me also say that the insane hardness returned later that evening WITHOUT The Slubb. Did you catch that? It’s important. Using this thing was effective after the fact. I’ll let scientists or doctors explain why I had that reaction. I have no idea if anyone else has that reaction, but I did, so take that for what it’s worth.

Needless to say, my apprehension about using The Slubb, and my skepticism about using it, faded away by just leaping in and testing it out.

What About You?

So, who needs this thing, and what would you use it for?

I think people who will enjoy this will fall into several buckets. If you’re an adventurous-type and want to feel something a little different, then you might have a blast with The Slubb.

If you’re a guy who would like to have a turgid response, maybe unlike ever before, or maybe like you had when you were 13, this had that effect on me, and it might on you.

Finally, since this is the sort of thing I think about, if you’re a dominant and you want to play games with your submissive’s cock, this is going to be both stimulating, and potentially torturous for you! You could go one way and edge someone until they are insane with this thing, or you could see how many orgasms you could force with this device. I can say that when I had an orgasm that I was still hard as hell. Fuck your refractory period! Full speed ahead! Do with that what you will.

If you’re interested in getting your own Slubb you can go to their USA distributor at You can also find them at Tell them Dirk sent you!

I’m thankful for having the opportunity to try this thing out. It’s different from anything I’ve experienced before and it definitely has some positive residual effects for me. With a partner and some experimentation, you might actually discover some uses and some reactions that I didn’t.

But for me, it’s a piece of German engineering that’s much better than a BMW!

Dirk Hooper

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