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FETISHWEEK: The Google Blogger Pornocalypse

FETISHWEEK: The Google Blogger Pornocalypse
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I’ve changed the format of FETISHWEEK this time around, to cover the top stories in more depth and hopefully give you plenty of places to follow-up if you’re interested. As always, I welcome your shares and any comments that you want to make below.

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March 1, 2015

The Google/Blogger Pornocalypse

The Scoop:

Google has a history of antagonism towards adult content, and this week users of Google’s Blogger site got this message:

“Starting March 23, 2015, you won’t be able to publicly share images and video that are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity on Blogger.

If your existing blog does have sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video, your blog will be made private after March 23, 2015. No content will be deleted, but private content can only be seen by the owner or admins of the blog and the people who the owner has shared the blog with.”

After a deluge of “feedback” from users, three days later, Google/Blogger reversed their decision to ban explicit content and fell back on what it refers to as “our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.”

Why This Matters:

I personally follow dozens of BDSM/fetish/kink blogs that publish through Blogger and every one of them were threatened by the decision to ban explicit content. Some of those people have already moved their content to other places.

Ultimately, this is the path most big internet companies are taking. Google is certainly not alone in trying to ban adult content. I wish I could point you towards another platform that respects your right to publish adult content, but at this time, there isn’t any. Every major platform is moving in this direction or already has an outright ban on adult content.

The only long-term solution to publishing the content you wish, without interference, is to buy your own URL, find a compatible hosting service and set up your own website. Even if the hosting service changes their rules, you can pack up and move your site easily to another server.

Violet Blue did an article on this subject here.

I do this sort of thing all the time for clients at Sexy Networking as well.



Photo by Kostas Kappa –

Students at All-Women’s College Create BDSM Club

The Scoop:

Massachusetts all-women college Holyoke is hosting a BDSM club that welcomes any student from the Five College Consortium.

Why This Matters:

I wish there was a BDSM club when I went to college! Holyoke is just the latest in a series of colleges that have a BDSM club. This one is unique because it’s an all-woman college. I think a college campus is the perfect place for a BDSM club, but I can imagine the parents of these students don’t agree.

I’m always on the lookout for BDSM stories by mainstream press and this was from a CBS affiliate in Connecticut.



Dominatrix Attracts the Attention of Orlando Code Enforcement and Vice Squad

The Scoop:

Dominatrix Judith DeLucenay got a visit from Orlando code enforcement and central Florida’s vice squad when neighbors complained about her using a residential location as a dungeon. The “Local 6” news team jumped on this story with the usual yellow journalism this sort of story attracts.

Why This Matters:

Every professional dominatrix, private dungeon space and even people with personal dungeons run the risk of this sort of sensational story being plastered all over your local news. There is nothing in this story that says any charges have been filed or any rules have been broken. The whole piece is being milked for maximum titillation from this local news team.

I do have some advice though. If you’re a professional dominatrix (or you have BDSM gatherings), do not include a photo of the front of your house on your website. Be careful you who talk to about what you do, and consider meeting with people in a neutral location before you let them into your place.

This is probably a case of either neighbors being nosy, or someone with an ax to grind that tipped off the press, but any precautions you can take beforehand could pay off in the long run.



Website of the Week: The English Mansion Blog

The English Mansion puts out some very hot femdom content, and you’re looking for that sort of thing they produce quality photos and videos that are diverse and frequently updated. That’s not why I’m mentioning it here though.

Mistress Sidonia writes a blog for the English Mansion that is an excellent resource of all kinds of kinky things. She talks about BDSM and fetish topics, including introductory articles, pieces on kink in mainstream media and opinion pieces.

You don’t have to just be a fan of femdom to enjoy Mistress Sidonia’s articles… you just have to have an open mind.


Dirk Hooper Updates

Mistress Olivia Vexx by photographer Dirk Hooper

Mistress Olivia Vexx by photographer Dirk Hooper


I was a guest host for’s Twitter chat #SexTalkTuesday last week. It was a great experience! I chose “The Public Perception of Kink and BDSM” as the topic.


Mistress Olivia Vexx

I recently got the opportunity to travel to New Orleans to shoot with Mistress Olivia Vexx. We got some amazing photos together and she had some nice things to say about the shoot. If you’d like to see some of the photos, she has her favorites on her site.      

If you want to catch all of the fetish news, photography, video and BDSM community discussion daily either join Dirk Hooper on Twitter or subscribe to the Dirk Hooper Daily Fetish Chronicle which collects all of the best news of the day from Dirk and his friends. Please leave your comments about these stories below.

The Public Perception of Kink and BDSM

The Public Perception of Kink and BDSM

On February 17th I guest-hosted a Twitter Chat for called #SexTalkTuesday. I chose the subject and the questions for the chat and did my best to help keep us on topic. It was an incredible experience. I met a lot of new people, learned a few things and, most of all, got to participate in something that was both sex and kink positive.

The topic of the Twitter Chat was “What is the public perception of kink and BDSM?” I asked five questions and I’ve included some of the responses below.


Q1: Do you think the public’s perception of kink and BDSM is more positive or negative right now?



Q2: Do you feel comfortable sharing your fetishes and kinks with friends and relatives?



Q3: Do you fear losing your job if your boss discovered your kinky lifestyle?



Q4: Does the entertainment industry provide and accurate portrayal of kink and BDSM?



Q5: What can be done to inform the public about the positive aspects of BDSM?



Thanks and Conclusion

This topic and the questions I asked are very important to me, since I’m a member of the BDSM community and I think things have changed radically over the last few years. Some of the things that have changed are exceptionally positive. Kink and BDSM are being addressed by every major news outlet right now… and in a way that is more respectful than I’ve ever witnessed (and I follow mainstream news very closely when it comes to kink, fetish and BDSM – and I share what I find on my site and on Twitter).

On the other hand, there are more people interested in kink and BDSM than at any other time in modern history, and there’s so much misinformation out there. It’s incumbent upon those of us in the kink, fetish and BDSM community to use this opportunity to correct the record where we can, to reach out to everyone and educate them to the best of our ability.

I got a tweet during this discussion that gave me an idea.  

I need some time to compile and do research, but I’m going to do a post on where to go for some solid information on BDSM. I’d welcome your suggestions on that topic.

If you have something to add to the questions above, please leave your comments below. Let’s keep the conversation going.

#SexTalkTuesday is a wild ride. It happens every Tuesday at 3pm Eastern time. The topics and the guest hosts change every week, but you can always participate by searching for the hashtag #SexTalkTuesday.

I’d like to thank and #SexTalkTuesday for inviting me to be a guest-host. I’m looking forward to doing it again sometime.

#SexTalkTuesday Exciting News For Fetish Fans On Twitter!!!

#SexTalkTuesday Exciting News For Fetish Fans On Twitter!!!

Dirk-Hooper-webI will be moderating the #SexTalkTuesday live Adult Twitter chat on Tuesday February 17th starting at 3 PM Eastern and anyone interested in discussing hot fetish topics from the perspective of a fine-art fetish photographer is encouraged to take part in what is sure to be a lively exchange of ideas.

My topic will be, “What is the public perception of kink and BDSM?”

I’m honored to be chosen as a guest moderator of Sssh’s Sex Talk Tuesday, following in the footsteps of terrific past moderators including Margaret Cho, Nina Hartley and Midori to name just a few. Hopefully my unique lifestyle BDSM perspective and lengthy experience in the world of international photography for the kink community will allow me to take the Twitterverse in an entertaining and informative direction as we get into topics focused on the perception of kink and BDSM in modern society.

The best part of #SexTalkTuesday is the live interaction, so set your calendars and alarm clocks in advance to be sure you have a great seat up front online for what is destined to be a very kinky good time.

Sssh (A smart and sexy erotic destination for women, by women.):
Dirk Hooper:
The Fetish Show:

Alternative Model in Soft Foot Fetish Photos by Dirk Hooper

Alternative Model in Soft Foot Fetish Photos by Dirk Hooper


This set was shot in Austin Texas in a suite I rented for a weekend a few years ago. Mistress Kitty and I got four sets of photos that weekend, but this one has always been a favorite.

I was playing around a lot with light and composition with this set. Some of the light is natural and some of it is gelled, and I purposely blew out the highlights and oversaturated the colors. The effect I got from these shots is almost entirely in-camera. I like the softness of these photos, it’s different from my usual stuff and that’s why it stands out to me.

Mistress Kitty has such a unique cool look, both edgy and waif-ish, which is a good juxtaposition with her dominant nature.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the full-sized photos, and tell me what you think about the shots in the comments section.

Flexible Fetish Model in “Devilicious” by Photographer Dirk Hooper

Flexible Fetish Model in “Devilicious” by Photographer Dirk Hooper


This set that was taken a few years ago in a studio that I shared with my buddy, and fellow photographer Robert Henry.

“Devlicious” was one of the first shoots I did with Fawn Marie and you can see why I’ve worked with her so often. She’s always gorgeous and she always brings the attitude and flexibility to a shoot.

It was her idea to wear the horns, and I love it!

Want to see more of Fawn Marie? Visit her website here:

Please click on the thumbnails below to see the full-size photos and feel free to leave us a comment below.

Sexy Dominatrix Vampire by Fetish Photographer Dirk Hooper

Sexy Dominatrix Vampire by Fetish Photographer Dirk Hooper


I’ve never shared this full set before but when I was trying to pick one or two to work, I decided that I should just go ahead and work the full set.

This is a model that I worked with several years ago named Kayla. She travelled into town a few times and I always got cool stuff with her.

The outfit and the vampire teeth were Kayla’s.

The braided whip (or cat o’ nine tails) was given to me by a great friend who travelled to Washington D.C. and thought of me when she saw the whip. It’s kind of severe… I haven’t found many submissives who are anxious to play with it.

Please click on the thumbnails below to see the full size photos and feel free to leave any comments below.

Lost Set of Hot Dominatrix and Slave

Lost Set of Hot Dominatrix and Slave

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ve probably heard about my computer crash from a couple of years ago. When that happened I lost two or three years of work. This set was one that I had lost.

A couple of years ago, Fawn Marie needed some photos for a project she was working on and I gave her high resolution files of this set. Recently she gave me a disk with a couple of sets on them and these photos came back from the dead.

This set was taken at Princess Zoe’s previous dungeon. It was taken in the large room before a lot of bondage furniture was moved in there and is the best shots I have of her awesome throne that was custom-built by an elite craftsman in Texas.

It’s not hard to get great photos when you’ve got two great models and that’s what’s happened here. They both understand their roles and work exceptionally well together. Everyone was on the top of their game. Shooting this was a breeze.

I lit the set to provide some atmosphere and we had about four set-ups. Honestly, I could have shot all day because everything we were getting was gold. In fact, this is just one of those sets where I could pick a dozen shots and each of them would be portfolio work.

You might want to see more of Princess Zoe – then you should visit More Fawn Marie? Then drop by

Click the thumbnails below to see the full-size photos. Please leave us a comment below, we’d like to hear what you think.



Sexy Dominatrix with Riding Crop by Photographer Dirk Hooper

Sexy Dominatrix with Riding Crop by Photographer Dirk Hooper

This set of Princess Aphrodite was taken several years ago. As usual, I shot the set with some creative lighting and somewhere between the sensor on my old camera and the software I was using I’ve never been happy with how the photos came out.

Since then I’ve got much better software and thousands of hours of experience working photos. I’m also going back to older sets for a secret project and seeing if there’s some gold in some of those shoots.  For the first time, I’m really happy with how these turned out and I can show off how hot Princess Aphrodite was.

These shots were taken at her dungeon in Tulsa Oklahoma. We did four shoots that day and this was that first set. Princess Aphrodite really turned it on for this series and did a great job. One secret that I’ll tell you is that we laughed a lot while shooting and I got some photos of that, but it kind of runs contrary to the stern look we go for in dominatrix photos. (Hell, I never have more fun than when I’m shooting.)

Please tell us what you think about the photos in the comments below. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size photos.



Dirk Hooper Nominated for Best Bondage Photographer

Dirk Hooper Nominated for Best Bondage Photographer

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been nominated for Best Bondage Photographer in 2014 by The Bondage Awards.  The Bondage Awards is an annual award honoring the best of the Bondage industry. Established in 2008, the Bondage Awards honors multiple segments including models, riggers, websites, artists, photographers and companies.

Voting is now open to the public and you can vote once a day until the end of August.

Obviously I’d love to have your vote, but I want to encourage you to go vote (and vote often) even if you’re not voting for me.  

The fact is, if you enjoy bondage or fetish photography there’s just not a lot of opportunities to recognize the people who bring you that work.  Whether it’s the models, or the riggers, or the artists, or the companies that support bondage, they are certainly not getting any attention from the mainstream community, and even awards like AVN do not recognize anything outside of the porn industry.  So, if you want to encourage and reward your favorite work, The Bondage Awards are your opportunity to help out!

I can promise you that if I win, I will use that title to approach new bondage models, find new riggers and produce even better work in the coming years.

To vote for me, please sign-up at The Bondage Awards, confirm your email address, then find the Best Bondage Photographer category and click next to Dirk Hooper.

While you’re there, take a look around and see if you know any of the other nominees.  I encourage you to show your love by voting for them as well.

The Bondage Awards


Photoshoot: Gritty Bondage Set by Photographer Dirk Hooper

Photoshoot: Gritty Bondage Set by Photographer Dirk Hooper

Everything about this set, from concept to execution was designed to be gritty and raw.  It all started with an full-day shoot that shibari expert David Masters set up at a local dungeon.

When we were exploring the warehouse location I was highly attracted to this little bathroom because it had so much character.  David Masters felt like the shower rod could support a suspension rig.  The game was on!

I lit this set to look like a scene from a horror movie.  To me the room looked like it was from a David Fincher film.  David Masters started with an intricate and beautiful back piece on model HelleCat.  I shot some initial photos and then he went to work on the suspension piece.

Bondage photography can be a lot like shooting sports.  When a model gets suspended typically there’s only a short period of time that you can shoot.  Most suspensions are intense and challenging for a model, so not everyone is cut out to do this type of modeling.  HelleCat does a great job with this type of work and she can make it look easy, but it’s definitely not.  The suspension was so unique and the space worked out so well that this is one of my favorite sets of bondage photos.  Needless to say, David Masters did a brilliant job rigging this set.

I worked these photos in a way that continued to bring out the raw and gritty mood.  Most of the time I lean toward beautiful images, but in this case I went for something much more intense.  You can see the photos by clicking on the thumbnails below.

If you’re interested in keeping up with what David Masters is doing please visit his site here.

I’ve been nominated for Best Bondage Photographer for 2014 and I’d love to have your vote.  Please register then click on this link to vote.  You can vote once a day and I’m sure the supporters of the other nominees are doing just that, so your help is much appreciated!

Enjoy the photos and feel free to leave any comments you have below.