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Alternative Model in Soft Foot Fetish Photos by Dirk Hooper

Alternative Model in Soft Foot Fetish Photos by Dirk Hooper


This set was shot in Austin Texas in a suite I rented for a weekend a few years ago. Mistress Kitty and I got four sets of photos that weekend, but this one has always been a favorite.

I was playing around a lot with light and composition with this set. Some of the light is natural and some of it is gelled, and I purposely blew out the highlights and oversaturated the colors. The effect I got from these shots is almost entirely in-camera. I like the softness of these photos, it’s different from my usual stuff and that’s why it stands out to me.

Mistress Kitty has such a unique cool look, both edgy and waif-ish, which is a good juxtaposition with her dominant nature.

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Flexible Fetish Model in “Devilicious” by Photographer Dirk Hooper

Flexible Fetish Model in “Devilicious” by Photographer Dirk Hooper


This set that was taken a few years ago in a studio that I shared with my buddy, and fellow photographer Robert Henry.

“Devlicious” was one of the first shoots I did with Fawn Marie and you can see why I’ve worked with her so often. She’s always gorgeous and she always brings the attitude and flexibility to a shoot.

It was her idea to wear the horns, and I love it!

Want to see more of Fawn Marie? Visit her website here:

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Sexy Dominatrix Vampire by Fetish Photographer Dirk Hooper

Sexy Dominatrix Vampire by Fetish Photographer Dirk Hooper


I’ve never shared this full set before but when I was trying to pick one or two to work, I decided that I should just go ahead and work the full set.

This is a model that I worked with several years ago named Kayla. She travelled into town a few times and I always got cool stuff with her.

The outfit and the vampire teeth were Kayla’s.

The braided whip (or cat o’ nine tails) was given to me by a great friend who travelled to Washington D.C. and thought of me when she saw the whip. It’s kind of severe… I haven’t found many submissives who are anxious to play with it.

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Lost Set of Hot Dominatrix and Slave

Lost Set of Hot Dominatrix and Slave

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ve probably heard about my computer crash from a couple of years ago. When that happened I lost two or three years of work. This set was one that I had lost.

A couple of years ago, Fawn Marie needed some photos for a project she was working on and I gave her high resolution files of this set. Recently she gave me a disk with a couple of sets on them and these photos came back from the dead.

This set was taken at Princess Zoe’s previous dungeon. It was taken in the large room before a lot of bondage furniture was moved in there and is the best shots I have of her awesome throne that was custom-built by an elite craftsman in Texas.

It’s not hard to get great photos when you’ve got two great models and that’s what’s happened here. They both understand their roles and work exceptionally well together. Everyone was on the top of their game. Shooting this was a breeze.

I lit the set to provide some atmosphere and we had about four set-ups. Honestly, I could have shot all day because everything we were getting was gold. In fact, this is just one of those sets where I could pick a dozen shots and each of them would be portfolio work.

You might want to see more of Princess Zoe – then you should visit More Fawn Marie? Then drop by

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Sexy Dominatrix with Riding Crop by Photographer Dirk Hooper

Sexy Dominatrix with Riding Crop by Photographer Dirk Hooper

This set of Princess Aphrodite was taken several years ago. As usual, I shot the set with some creative lighting and somewhere between the sensor on my old camera and the software I was using I’ve never been happy with how the photos came out.

Since then I’ve got much better software and thousands of hours of experience working photos. I’m also going back to older sets for a secret project and seeing if there’s some gold in some of those shoots.  For the first time, I’m really happy with how these turned out and I can show off how hot Princess Aphrodite was.

These shots were taken at her dungeon in Tulsa Oklahoma. We did four shoots that day and this was that first set. Princess Aphrodite really turned it on for this series and did a great job. One secret that I’ll tell you is that we laughed a lot while shooting and I got some photos of that, but it kind of runs contrary to the stern look we go for in dominatrix photos. (Hell, I never have more fun than when I’m shooting.)

Please tell us what you think about the photos in the comments below. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size photos.



Dirk Hooper Nominated for Best Bondage Photographer

Dirk Hooper Nominated for Best Bondage Photographer

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been nominated for Best Bondage Photographer in 2014 by The Bondage Awards.  The Bondage Awards is an annual award honoring the best of the Bondage industry. Established in 2008, the Bondage Awards honors multiple segments including models, riggers, websites, artists, photographers and companies.

Voting is now open to the public and you can vote once a day until the end of August.

Obviously I’d love to have your vote, but I want to encourage you to go vote (and vote often) even if you’re not voting for me.  

The fact is, if you enjoy bondage or fetish photography there’s just not a lot of opportunities to recognize the people who bring you that work.  Whether it’s the models, or the riggers, or the artists, or the companies that support bondage, they are certainly not getting any attention from the mainstream community, and even awards like AVN do not recognize anything outside of the porn industry.  So, if you want to encourage and reward your favorite work, The Bondage Awards are your opportunity to help out!

I can promise you that if I win, I will use that title to approach new bondage models, find new riggers and produce even better work in the coming years.

To vote for me, please sign-up at The Bondage Awards, confirm your email address, then find the Best Bondage Photographer category and click next to Dirk Hooper.

While you’re there, take a look around and see if you know any of the other nominees.  I encourage you to show your love by voting for them as well.

The Bondage Awards


Photoshoot: Gritty Bondage Set by Photographer Dirk Hooper

Photoshoot: Gritty Bondage Set by Photographer Dirk Hooper

Everything about this set, from concept to execution was designed to be gritty and raw.  It all started with an full-day shoot that shibari expert David Masters set up at a local dungeon.

When we were exploring the warehouse location I was highly attracted to this little bathroom because it had so much character.  David Masters felt like the shower rod could support a suspension rig.  The game was on!

I lit this set to look like a scene from a horror movie.  To me the room looked like it was from a David Fincher film.  David Masters started with an intricate and beautiful back piece on model HelleCat.  I shot some initial photos and then he went to work on the suspension piece.

Bondage photography can be a lot like shooting sports.  When a model gets suspended typically there’s only a short period of time that you can shoot.  Most suspensions are intense and challenging for a model, so not everyone is cut out to do this type of modeling.  HelleCat does a great job with this type of work and she can make it look easy, but it’s definitely not.  The suspension was so unique and the space worked out so well that this is one of my favorite sets of bondage photos.  Needless to say, David Masters did a brilliant job rigging this set.

I worked these photos in a way that continued to bring out the raw and gritty mood.  Most of the time I lean toward beautiful images, but in this case I went for something much more intense.  You can see the photos by clicking on the thumbnails below.

If you’re interested in keeping up with what David Masters is doing please visit his site here.

I’ve been nominated for Best Bondage Photographer for 2014 and I’d love to have your vote.  Please register then click on this link to vote.  You can vote once a day and I’m sure the supporters of the other nominees are doing just that, so your help is much appreciated!

Enjoy the photos and feel free to leave any comments you have below.



FETISHWEEK: Crowdfunding Kinky Science

FETISHWEEK: Crowdfunding Kinky Science
FETISHWEEK covers the best BDSM News and most interesting fetish links of the last week.  I am actively accepting news, press releases, personality profiles, and review items for both FETISHWEEK and The Fetish Show.  I am particularly interested in topics related to BDSM/kink/fetish, but also alternative art/photography/modeling, sex, burlesque, fashion, relationships, events and more.  I can get your story out to a much wider audience in a way that is positive and respectful.  Contact me now:

Crowdfunding Kinky Science

I’d like to begin by saying that I love the idea of crowdfunding in general.  I’ve put my money toward comics, books, performances, movies and other things that deserve some attention.  It takes the power away from “gatekeepers” who have always determined if something gets money and puts it in our hands.  Crowdfunding is a great 21st century invention.

So given my love of crowdfunding (and BDSM) imagine my surprise to see an opportunity to donate toward science! Dr. Richard Sprott has proposed a study through to do an extensive research project about kinky people.

However, this study is being done by someone who is kink-friendly and for the purpose of providing greater insight to the public.  I give this project my highest recommendation, in fact I contributed money to the project myself.

Take a moment and watch the video at the link below and if you’re able, please put a little money toward something that could actually make a difference.

Read more:

Dream hard,
Dirk Hooper
Monday, June 23, 2014


Dirk Hooper Photography and The Fetish Show Updates


Fetish Model Fawn Marie in a recent photo by Dirk Hooper

I have a little catching up to do since the last FETISHWEEK and I’ve been busy!

Here’s a couple of recent news nuggets…

Fetish Photographer Dirk Hooper Published in German Erotic Art Book

Buck Angel Photo by Dirk Hooper Selected for Kinsey Art Show

There’s been a few updates on this site:

Goddess Sieva in “Secret” by Photographer Dirk Hooper

OKC Dreamscape Photos with Princess Zoe by Dirk Hooper

Fetish Model Jade in “Cheer” by Photographer Dirk Hooper

Photoshoot: Fetish Model Fawn Marie in Headmistress by Photographer Dirk Hooper

Photoshoot: Beauty Queen Vs Hillbilly Zombies by Dirk Hooper

Book Review: Strictly Bondage

And finally, I’m happy to announce that Princess Zoe and I are in the studio again recording the next episode of The Fetish Show.  I’ll post an update as soon as that episode is published.


These Eerie Fetish Photos Were Kept Under Wraps for Years

NY Mag has a slideshow and interview with Southern California photographer Jo Ann Callis who is an established fine-artist, but was so insecure about her erotic photos that she hid her work for over thirty years.

It’s interesting to me that Callis was unwilling to face the criticism or was concerned about what these photos would do to her fledgling career.  It’s entirely possible that it could have damaged her reputation as a fine artist.

I know firsthand the uphill climb that erotic artists deal with – it’s a much easier path to steer clear of erotic work.  I think it’s a shame that the art world, a community that considers itself to be highly progressive, is not more supportive of erotic work and the artists who wish to express themselves in this manner.

Perhaps this is a subject that should be dealt with in another place, but I wonder how much erotic artwork is being hidden by artists who fear the reaction by society or who don’t want to be unfairly pigeonholed in their career.

You can see several of her photos and an interview at the link below and see even more photos on display at the Rose Gallery.

Read more:


One of the photos by Jo Ann Callis that was hidden for years and can now be seen on display at the Rose Gallery.

One of the photos by Jo Ann Callis that was hidden for years and can now be seen on display at the Rose Gallery.


How the Nordic Model Will Close the Door on the Professional Dominatrix

Margaret Corvid discusses a study by British Parliament that favorably views what she calls the “Nordic Model” that would criminalize clients of professional dominatrix.

She’s concerned that this model will jeopardize sex worker safety by driving the practice even further underground. She argues that kink is more accepted now than ever before and that a professional dominatrix provides a valuable service to the community.

I’ll keep an eye on this story and report back if the Nordic Model gains traction in the UK.

Read more:


Marilyn Yusef in Red Latex

I can’t seem to resist these simple YouTube videos of waify fetish model Marilyn Yusef as she walks around in latex.  This particular video is done with a little more visual style and even has a soundtrack.


Stupid Dominant Bulls**t

This is a great article that is disguised by a poor title – it’s a title borne of frustration, but it would have been easy to miss this piece if I didn’t read on. What this article should be titled is “BDSM Relationships Are A Two-Way Street”.

The writer Dennis Najee is frustrated by male dominants who believe that everything should be about them, and he makes a solid and passionate case for high-level communication with your female submissive.

He also brilliantly underscores the dilemma that all dominants who are dedicated to expanding the horizons of their submissives must face.  It’s always a risk that your submissive will outgrow you.

The article is so well articulated that it made me interested in a book he’s written called An Owned Life.  I think I’ll check that book out too.

Read more:

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Book Review: Strictly Bondage

Book Review: Strictly Bondage

“Strictly Bondage” is a journal-sized hardback photography book featuring work by Victor Lightworship.  The book is published by Goliath and they have taken great care to present the photos with beautiful design and with the attention to detail they deserve.  Besides an introduction by Cynthia Patterson, and a brief biography at the end of the book, the designers let the photos speak for themselves.

The world of “Strictly Bondage” is filled with gorgeous damsels, intricate rope bondage and a haunting male presence played by Lightworship.  These are erotic photos infused with BDSM overtones, and while there are some notable moments of humor, most of this collection has a dark theme.

cover_strictlybond_563x476_563x476You can draw a direct line between Lightworship’s photos and vintage pulp novel covers.  The women in these photos are in distress and the men are in charge.  There’s a sequential nature to these photos, where you are given a cinematic scene and invited to fill-in the story before and after the shot.  Some photos catch the action just as flesh meets flesh.  Given the cinematic nature of these photos you could put Lightworship in the same category as artists like Gregory Crewdson.

It’s so important to recognize the quality of Lightworship’s photography.  His photos are exclusively black and white.  The tonal range in these photos go from deep black to brilliant white.  While so many photographers, particularly erotic and fetish photographers, overlight their work, Lightworship gives you mysterious shadows and uses light to create emphasis on his subjects.  The mood is thick.

According to Lightworship’s site,, his love of black and white photography began over thirty years ago.  He built a basement darkroom with his father, who taught him how to process, shoot and print black and white film.  The foundation of this upbringing can clearly be seen in how he composes his work and in his use light.

Given the dearth of quality books dedicated to Japanese rope bondage, “Strictly Bondage” stands out as an example of how to respectfully present this genre of photography.  Whether you are a fan of fetish photography, Shibari or black and white photos, this book deserves to be in your collection.

Strictly Bondage” is available directly from the publisher at, through online retailers like or at a book store near you.

If you would like Dirk Hooper to review your book, BDSM toy, or other items, contact him directly at:

Photoshoot: Beauty Queen Vs Hillbilly Zombies by Dirk Hooper

Photoshoot: Beauty Queen Vs Hillbilly Zombies by Dirk Hooper

Photography by: Dirk Hooper
Makeup by: Scott Van Eck
Models: Toxic Goddess Aello plus Toxic Goddess Aries, Toxic Goddess Eclipse, Robert Henry, Shawn Wilson, Jon McIntire, Jason Brodmirkel and one other.

The origin of this shoot was a CD release party by Shilo Brown.  The CD was titled “Love and Horror in the Backwoods” by Bloody Ol’ Mule.  Shilo asked a few artists to do work based on the theme of the album and this zombie shoot is what I came up with.

A group of us gathered in the outskirts of town on an extremely hot summer day to do this shoot.  Scott Van Eck set up a location in a shed and did all the makeup for the zombies by applying latex paint via airbrush.  The effect was simply amazing.  One by one, the zombies emerged ready for the shoot.

Someone brought a ton of karo syrup and red dye, mixed it in a bucket and used it to create blood for the zombies.  They tore their clothes, rolled around in dirt and used that “blood” to make it even more realistic.

Although I only needed one photo I did this shoot sequentially.  I composed the scene the same way you might shoot a movie, and honestly, just look at the performances of all the participants, they were acting during the entire shoot. Everyone did a stellar job. I always intended the shoot to be processed as a series of sepia toned prints.

Aries liked being a zombie so much that we did another quick set of photos and I’ve included those with this set, plus I’ve added some behind the scenes photos.

I can’t express how difficult this shoot was at the time.  We had limited time to get this all together, it was excruciatingly hot and there were a lot of elements that had to come together.  I’ll never forget the very serious discussion we had about the way zombies move and the dedication everyone had to pull this off. Poor Aello was doing real screams and silent screams for an hour!  Kudos to Scott Van Eck who did a brilliant job on makeup and all the players who pulled this off without one complaint.

Please click on the thumbnails below to see the full size photos.  I’d like to hear what you think in the comments below.