Nookie Notes, founder of Dating Kinky, discusses nonmonogamy and the differences with polyamory. This interview includes the topics of nonmonogamy, polyamory, cuckolding, harems, and tools anyone can use in your relationship!

Links to Interview

Nookie Notes Interview on Rumble

Nookie Notes Interview on YouTube

Nookie Notes Interview on Minds

Questions for Nookie Notes

  1. What is nonmonogamy and how is it different from polyamory?
  2. What is your own journey in learning about nonmonogamy?
  3. What are the problems or challenges that happen in a nonmonogamy relationship?
  4. What’s the greatest misconception about nonmonogamy?
  5. Your class is titled, “I do what I want and you can too.” What the gist of that class?
  6. Let’s talk about asymmetrical nonmonogamy (cucking, pimping, harem). Please discuss those different topics.
  7. You say that boundaries and nonmonogamy is important to you right now, please tell us more.
  8. Let’s talk about the event this weekend. What should people expect?
  9. How can they find out more and sign up for the weekend?
  10. What events or big things are coming up next for you???

Links to Nookie Notes

The first Nookie Notes interview on YouTube

Dating Kinky

Not Cheating

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